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Around 2008 I was really on a game-making spree. One my first "complete" games to come out of this was a turn-based base-expansion game called Terath.

Download Link

A help file can be found in-game by pressing F1, though I'll give a quick summary here:

The objective of the game is to destroy all of your opponents pieces.

Each player starts the game with a small "base" consisting of a few pieces

Players take turns spending points on more pieces. Pieces must be attached to other friendly pieces. Some kinds of pieces generate points. Points usually do not carry to the next round.

There 7 main types of pieces:

  • Circle - Acts as a hub for bars, can be upgraded into other pieces.
  • Bar - Generates points each turn.
  • Cross - Placed between four circles, generates many points, some versions can shoot.
  • Cannon - Fires a projectile in a single direction.
  • Healer - Heals nearby pieces. Upgraded from the circle.
  • Block - High hitpoints, cannot place other pieces on top of a block.
  • Tech - Allows for the purchase of next-tier pieces
And a whole collection of other specialty pieces, such as a lightning rod, shield generator, and missile silo.

Most of the heavy-hitting weapons are only available at higher tech-levels. Each new tech level costs considerably more than the previous but have more health, generate more points, and look cooler.

Pieces can be placed on top of other pieces, (but not on top of a block). This means that players can stomp all over their opponent's base if they so choose.

I never got around to creating an AI, so you will have to find a friend to play against!